Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Another Tube Strike & Bike Shop Discounts

Tube Strike

Another tube strike hits London on Tuesday/Wednesday, which means lot more people will be cycling into work than usual.

If you are thinking of cycling in and haven't done so before, have a read of my post from a few weeks ago , "Advice to new commuter cyclists from a new cyclist."  Also take note that it may rain tomorrow, so wear something waterproof, but it is still kind of mild, so nothing too thick.

For those who are regulars on 2 wheels here are some things to watch out for:

  • There will be a lot more cars and buses on the road than usual, especially closer into town. Which means a. traffic may move slower and that may make your life easier and b. there are a load of people behind the wheel who don't usually drive in and may not be use to cyclists coming in from all angles. So in summary take a bit of extra care.
  • There are probably going to be quite a few newbie cyclists and irregular riders out there. They maybe sticking to the curb too much, slow off at the lights and generally a bit nervous on the roads. Again take a bit of extra care, but also try to be accommodating to your fellow cyclist.
  • Leave a bit early, as last time there was a tube strike there was a queue in the changing rooms at work for the showers because of the added numbers.
  • and best of all, you will be in earlier than a lot of your colleagues, gloat gloat gloat. 

Bike Shop Vouchers

While reading about the strike on the tfl site I came across a page of vouchers which offer discounts at places like Evans decathlon , etc.  For Evans it's 10% off all non sale items and they even provide online voucher codes. Every little helps:


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