Thursday, 30 September 2010

Back on the tube for a day

After more than a week of straight cycling to and from work, I had to get the tube yesterday and what a joy it was.

On the way in there was a problem on the line and the train crawled a long for about 20 mins. Due to the problems the people traffic was worse than usual so I could forget about finding a seat.It  ended up taking more than 20 mins longer to get in compared to if I was cycling.
The way home was worse. It was chucking down and even with an umbrella I was so wet. When I got to the station I realised I didn't have my oyster card with me so I had to shell out 4 quid to get home!  Then as I raced to get on to the tube, the doors shut on me and it was like two skinheads walloping me from either side. Ok maybe it was my fault to try a jump on while the door closing beeps sounded.
Anyways, both journeys reminded me how much more I enjoy cycling in and further convinced me to perservere as the cold sets in.

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  1. It will be well worth it, winter cycling in the SE and London is not bad, provided you have the right kit. Cold is easier than wet to deal with kit wise, but totally achievable. Iv cycled almost every day for 5 years including during last years snow.