Thursday, 21 October 2010

Good Value Cycling Accessories at Sports Direct

Cycle stuff can be expensive, so In the spirit of posting deals on cheap cycling gear from fellow bloggers, I thought I'd do my bit by telling you good people of the deals at sports direct ( I am not an employee, or related to anybody there, blah blah blah).

As the weather has now decided to act it's season, I was in need of a pair of cycling gloves. Instead of shelling out at least 20 quid at Evans, a friend pointed me down to sports direct where they have great deals on cycling gear. I picked up a pair of Dunlop gloves for £7.99, bargain really.

All their goods are not 5 star quality, but how can you go wrong with a floor pump for £3.99 ?
They have a decent range of cycling clothing too, with long sleeve cycling shirts for £10.99 looking like a good deal.
Take a further look at the following sections:


  1. wish i've seen your post earlier. I just bought a 45 quid gloves from evans. :(

  2. Good post, I find the huge Asda stores quite handy for cheap no frills accessories too.
    Worth mentioning as well that you can get some cashback from Quidco in-store at Sportsdirect too, but you must register your card with them first. Ranges from 2.25% to 4.5% depending how much you spend. "Every little helps" as they say.

  3. Honestly, I use their Karrimor running jackets for hi-viz and a bit of lightweight windproofing (can stuff in a bag) and I really love them. The prices are way better than cycle shops, so definitely give Sportsdirect a try - you might see something you like. I can't vouch for the Dunlop stuff though since I haven't tried any.

  4. To add to the Asda comment, Wilkinson's is another shop that has cheaper and no frills cycle accessories. Things like tyres, tubes, puncture kits, wires, lights.

  5. I use the karimor running jackets too for the same reasons and agree that they are great especially for the price.

    I have a pair of the Dunlop gloves for £7.99 which have been fine up to now, but aren't really waterpoof, so if it chucks down, they soak through.

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