Monday, 11 October 2010

Police Cycle Marking - Today at Blackfriars

If you have cycled to the city today, get down to Blackfriars Bridge between 4 and 7pm. The Met Police are offering free cycle security marking and are giving advice on bike registration. This helps if your cycle is stolen, and the police recover it, they are then able to trace it back to you.


  1. Went to the one at penton st NW1 this morning and can't find them. Went to the police station and the guy has no idea about it.

    Might try the other ones. Thanks for posting this.

  2. I couldn't find them at Blackfriars last week either. I thought I was looking in the wrong place.

    I did go down Penton St this morning, but didn't notice anything.

    Budget cuts?

  3. I had my bike marked some time ago, but never heard anything further from the police.